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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Houses with no windows

The snapshot above is from the sculpture outside the public library of Fruitville, Florida, in the St.Petersburg/Tampa area. It was one of those serindipities. On family vacation, we'd taken a wrong turn, and while turning around in the library parking, the sun caught the shiny surface of the artwork. Behind it was a placid pond, and a single bench in a grassy knoll. So...we forgot about the destination, and started enjoying the trip.

Mann's quote gets you thinking.

In my work-related travels, I've noticed three groups of people. The first group is allergic to the printed word. You won't find a book or a newspaper anywhere in their living room, though the TV may blare constantly. Another group are those who want to appear as if they like books, so to make their home look a little more classy, they'll display a handful of nicely bound volumes with gold lettering. It's not intended for use, just to impress. The third group are those who have books tossed all over the place, books of all kinds. Some are deep, some are funny, but usually they're dog-earred, and many came from Goodwill for 10 cents or a quarter. I usually know whether we'll have much to discuss by seeing which category the family's living room falls into.

It's summer time. What have you read lately?

Tell me:

1. One thing you like about what you're reading;
2. One thing you'd improve if you were the author.

Enjoy the trip.


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