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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Christianity and Jenga

Have you ever played Jenga?

It's a tower game. Little rectangular blocks are carefully stacked together, to make a tower about 18 inches high. One by one, players carefully remove the blocks, and put them on top. Whoever knocks down the tower loses.

One thing I noticed when playing Jenga. There are lots of blocks that you can take away and the tower remains relatively stable. You hardly notice they're gone. But there comes a point in the game where the whole weight of the tower is resting on one block.Take it away, and the tower crashes to the floor. It's the indispensable block.

In the Bible, there are lots of "blocks." There are endless genealogies, commandments, sacrifices, stories of Jesus, missionary travels, etc. What "block" is so crucial to Christian faith, that if that block was removed, the whole edifice would come crashing down?

Think on these things, and I'll be back tomorrow with my answer.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.


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