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Thursday, August 18, 2005

General Casey exudes optimism on Iraq

"I've been here a year, and the longer I stay, the more optimistic I am that we're going to achieve our objectives." So said General Casey, the four-star commander of the multi-national forces in Iraq. Among other things, Casey notes that the number of bombing attacks in July was 1/3 of what it was in June. Despite the more than 50 American casualities already this month, he insists that military morale is high. NBC's Matt Lauer baited him as best he could, but drew nothing negative from the General, just low-key confidence that we're on the right track. (BTW, nice to see a reporter on the ground in Baghdad, and not hiding behind some desk in New York).

Casey points out that historically, the average insurgency lasts nine years, so there will be a long road to hoe in Iraq before this is over. Still, by his read, we're making real progress. I sure hope he's right.

Watch the entire 4 1/2 minute interview here, and decide for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.


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