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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The sport that time forgot

What sport was invented in 500 b.c. and remains obscure in the United States?

OK, you looked at the picture. It's badminton, of course. But now the World Badminton Championship is coming for the first time to America, and with it a spate of publicity for a sport that usually gets played alongside croquet and horseshoes at the family reunion.

College P.E. transformed my concept of the game. It was a great stress reliever between research papers and reading to get out there and plaster the birdie...uh, shuttlecock. I was surprised how fast-paced the game could get, but that was minor league compared to the 200 mph missiles that the professionals fire-off. Though the game languishes in the States, it's thriving in other parts of the world, and joined the Olympics in 1992. When played competitively, it's decent exercise. Finish a forty minute match at a high level, and you'll have travelled nearly two miles. Not bad.

Now, if they can just stop folks turning their racquets upside-down and playing air guitar...

Photo courtesy of Flickr.


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous chadford said...

I saw your badminton playing before. Are you some sort of authority? Certainly NOT! haha


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